Tip: First of all, it is important to connect your printer with the router using an ethernet cable.

Note: you need an ethernet cable or WiFi card.


  1. Login to your admin. https: // << companyname >> .spont.cash
  2. Go to Apps, printers and then press Install. Note: If there is only the option to uninstall, the printer has been installed already, we advise you to uninstall it first and then reinstall it
  3. Go back to printers
  4. Check if settings are set to iPad
  5. Click on save. Note: Do NOT press add extra printer. Spont does this automatically when it finds your printer.
  6. Click on settings
  7. Choose POS devices
  8. Choose the iPad you use
  9. Click on save again


  1. Restart the Spont app on you iPad (called Kassa app). We do this to ensure that the latest data is loaded. In addition, you could also log out and in
  2. Make an order (or go to an old order and swipe on the order to the right to print again)
  3. Now the print button will appear
  4. In case this will not be done automatically, select print
  5. When you close an order through checkout the app will search for a printer
  6. Printer found? A receipt will come out of the printer
  7. In case Spont does not find the printer, a pop-up will appear. When this happens check if the printer is turned on (if it's one already, it worth to restart it). However, it is also possible that the app needs a few minutes to find the printer. In this case, it is best to restart the app and try again after 5 minutes.
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