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Before you begin this installation, make sure your Yomani terminal is set to the CTEP protocol. Unsure? Contact Worldline +31 (0)180 442 442.

  1. First you look up the IP address of your iPad and write it down.
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Wi-Fi
  • Search for the current Wi-Fi network your iPad is connected to
  • Press the blue arrow next to this name
  • Your IP address is the first number, for example (

2. Install the Yomani app in the Spont backend

  • Log in in the Spont backend (companyname.spont.cash)
  • Go to apps
  • Click on YOMANI CTEP
  • Install this application

3. Then follow this step-by-step plan on your Yomani terminal

  • Menu (Stop + OK + Menu)
  • Choose: 3 Terminal setup
  • Choose: 0 Next
  • Choose: 3 Settings merchant
  • Choose: Type in your password.  (These are the last four digits of the POI number, which you can find on the receipt of the terminal)
  • Choose: OK
  • Choose: 0 Next
  • Choose: 1 Cash settings
  • Choose: 2 Add a register (kassa)
  • Choose a name, for example iPad (with the menu button you can switch between letters and numbers)
  • Choose: OK
  • Now you see the hostname. Here we enter the IP address of the iPad that you found earlier (see image)
  • Choose: <first part IP> (bv. 192)
  • Choose: < . > {above the green OK button)
  • Choose: <tweede deel IP> (bv. 168)
  • Choose: < . > {above the green OK button)
  • Choose: <derde deel IP> (bv. 1)
  • Choose: < . > {above the green OK button)
  • Choose: <fourth part IP> (bv. 6)
  • Choose: OK
  • Choose: OK (again)
  • Now you see the portnumber
  • Check if it set to 9000
  • Choose: OK
  • Choose: 1 Lijst van de kassas (list of the cash register)
  • Use the arrows to get to the cash register you just added - choose: OK (to select the cash register).
  • Choose: Select
  • Choose: JA (YES)
  • Now you see > in front of the cash register. This means that it is set as a standard cash register.
  • Press stop repeatedly until the terminal is back at the start screen.

Now all your customers can pay by card. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us a message!

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